Asgard "The Hammer" Automatic Taper

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The Asgard® “HAMMER™” Automatic Taper redefines Value. The Taper simultaneously applies joint tape and the correct amount of joint compound for all drywall joints - dramatically improving taping efficiency. Model AT01-AD features stainless steel side plates plus a hard anodized push rod and cable drum to prevent corrosion and provide long life. The HAMMER has enclosed rollers on the control tube to provide the most comfortable grip and protect your hands from the pinching that can occur with other brands and the control tube flange provides a positive grip to cut the tape when extending for high ceilings. The smaller diameter of the new tube protector provides maximum comfort and requires no tools to remove for easy cleaning and cable replacement.

  • Applies joint compound and joint tape to butt joints and flat joints on walls and ceilings
  • Applies joint compound and joint tape to internal corners on walls and ceilings

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