TapePro Super Lite Automatic Taper

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Auto Taper SuperLite

Tapepro Drywall Tools introduced the first carbon fibre plastering tools with the SuperLite range of flat box handles in 2015. The Automatic Taper has long been regarded as the
pinnacle of taping machines, and the SuperLite Auto Taper expands the SuperLite range.
The new SuperLite taper has many new features including:

  • carbon fibre main tube with reinforced section for quick release head
  • light weight titanium side plates
  • carbon fibre control tube
  • billet aluminium control rings with integrated pull ring
  • adjustable control tube rollers
  • anodised cover plate
  • weighs 2.65kg

Weight has been reduced by almost 400g which is very noticeable; the Titanium side plates making the head feel much lighter. Carbon fibre is more temperature stable and won’t dent.
The new model retains the features of the standard model with a quick release head for easy cleaning, adjustable back-up roller tension, hinged tape retainer and removable cover plate.

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