TapePro Pro-Reach Super Lite Extendable Box Handle

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Pro-Reach SuperLite

What happens when the Pro-Reach range meets the SuperLite range? You get the best of both!

The FHX-SL handle uses a new filament wound carbon fibre tube, and the same lightened head and hollow pivot pin from the SuperLite handles. As with the normal FHX, the head has been anodised for greater wear resistance – and looks so good in black!
This new extendable is 200g lighter than the old one, and all the weight saving is at the head end where you feel it most.

The carbon fibre tube has the added advantage of being more comfortable, especially in winter when aluminium tubes can be very cold. The filament wound tube is very strong and also provides some grip for your hand.


  • Weight: 1.2kg (2.6 lb)
  • Length: 980 – 1600mm (39″ to 63″), 4 positions
  • Carbon fibre outer tube, anodised aluminium inner tube
  • Anodised head
  • Hollow pivot pin

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