RockSteady® Drywall Stabilizing Clips

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The RockSteady® Clip prevents accidents by protecting jobsite visitors and contractors from the potential harm of falling drywall. It does this by securing sheets of drywall, leaned against a wall, into a stabilized stack.

After installation, the RockSteady® Clip offers round the clock protection for workers and visitors from the hazard of incidental or accidental stack tip-over.

  • Safely secures edge-stacked drywall in place
  • Available in two sizes, to match 1/2" and 5/8" drywall thickness
  • Installs easily and can be reattached as needed until entire stack is depleted
  • Allows for efficient deliveries without the added strain of placing sheets on the floor
  • Prominent warning label alerts jobsite visitors of danger when attempting to move heavy drywall sheets
  • Low-cost!


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