NEW Level 5 MiniShot

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The LEVEL5 MiniShot is a gas-assisted compound tube intended to work with corner finishers and other types of joint compound finishing heads.



Preparing the joint compound: We suggest starting with a joint compound that is thicker than is typically used for finishing corners. You will then thin this compound down to the consistency somewhere between what you normally use for corner finishers and finishing flat boxes. The final consistency will ultimately depend on your personal preference as well as the brand of joint compound you are using however, you need to ensure it is thin enough to flow effectively through the tool.

Filling your mini shot: To fill the mini shot with joint compound insert the filler valve on the side of the nozzle fully into the discharge tube of your joint compound top. Be sure to hold the mini shot securely against the pump during the filling process; the pressure from pumping will want to force the mini shot off the filler valve if you aren’t holding it for me in place. Continue to pump until the mini shot’s piston is forced all the way back and clear the chamber tube is full of joint compound.

Specifications: 44.5" + 18" extension

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