Level 5 ULTRA-FLEX Drywall Trowels with 0.4mm Flat Blade

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LEVEL5 ULTRA-FLEX 0.4 Drywall Trowels are designed for applying a mirror finish to final coats of drywall compound and venetian plaster. Thanks to their hardened 0.4mm stainless steel build and unique design, these trowels deliver a flex that is unlike any other trowel on the market.


  • 0.4mm premium stainless steel construction - the strongest available on the market
  • Unique flex is unlike any other trowel on the market.
  • Leaves an extremely smooth mirror finish.
  • Wider working surface vs other flex trowels.
  • Brushed leather handle will custom form to user's hand.
  • High-strength but lightweight aluminum handle mount.
  • High-impact composite handle core for strength and durability.
  • Super-strong surface-mounted rivets that last longer than "through-rivet" designs.
  • Ideal for finish coats for drywall joint compound plaster and venetian plaster.

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