Leather Texture Roller Cover with Frame


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This tool will create a repeated, unique decorative pattern to add detail or hide blemishes and imperfect finishes on walls and ceilings. The 9 in. Texture Roller is handmade of individual 1-1/2 in. round leather patches riveted to an easy to clean PVC core. The tool can be used in many ways. Compound can be added to the wall with a standard paint roller and then followed behind with the Texture Roller. The tool can also be used to add compound to the wall to produce a more raised, pronounced look.

  • Fits all standard 9 in. paint roller frames (included)
  • Hides blemishes and defects in old walls
  • 12 in. Handle is threaded to accommodate standard acme threaded extension handles
  • If cleaned thoroughly, the roller will last for years of use
  • Do not use with solvents

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