NorthStar FASTAR™ High-Top Flat Boxes

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    • 30% higher capacity allows you to stay on the wall longer with fewer trips to the pump
    • Exclusive axle pivot door allowing the door to be opened farther for easy clean-up
    • May be operated without springs if you choose
    • Reinforced extruded radius plate is rigid and virtually leak-proof
    • High quality CNC machining;
    • Adjustable crown dial ensures precise amount of mud application;
    • Anodized surface coat for protection and extended life;
    • Door opens extra wide for easy clean up;
    • Manufactured from precision extrusions;
    • New easy clean door tabs;
    • Factory arched trowelling bars (ready to go out of the box)
    • Stainless steel square edge blade in the trowelling bar to eliminate fish-eye;
    • 8”, 10” and 12” sizes have a lead-in angle on the trowelling bar to aid eliminating fish-eye;
    The key wear components of the FAStar™ High-Top Finisher Flat Boxes are interchangeable with most other brands to provide easy access to wear parts when required.

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