Drywall Master Nail Spotter Skid Plate (With Handle)


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Drywall Master Taping Tools Skid Nailspotter quickly fills nail and screw heads for efficient drywall finishing. Drywall Master nail spotter with skid plate has updated gasket system for clean operation and long service life. Precisely machined hardened carbide steel blade provides high quality finish and exceptional wear life. Traditional skid plate is both a screw detector, which helps prevent blade damage and a pivot point to follow the drywall surface Drywall Master skid style nailspotter saves finishing time while providing a high quality finish, covering nail and screw heads far more quickly than coating by hand. Hardened carbide steel blade produces smoothly feathered mud coat over screw and nail dimples in sheetrock. 3’ fiberglass handle enables spotting ceilings without the use of stilts or ladder.
  • Corrosion proof stainless steel body for reliable operation and long service life.
  • Leakless updated gasket system is resistant to expansion or weathering for smoothest possible operation.
  • 2″ Nail spotter is an excellent choice for finishers using a single spotter system.
  • Pressure door opens quickly for easy cleanup.
  • 3′ fiberglass handle included
  • Made in USA
  • 5-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

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