Drywall Master Warrior Flat Extension Handles


Sale price$440.00


The Flat Finisher Handle is used to control the Flat Finisher Box. This version is extendable from 38″ to 60″ for increased flexibility. Simply slide the head of the handle underneath the wing-nut style screws on the face of the Flat Finisher Box and tighten. Trigger on handle allows you to lock and release the box in the desired position.

Drywall Master Extendable Flat Box Handle Features:

  • Extends almost 2 feet for easier access
  • Ergonomically designed to provide maximum leverage making effortless work coating headers and butt joints
  • High quality construction made in the USA results in a product you can be proud of and on which you can rely.

Also available in the NEW Short & Long options.

Short - 23"-32"

Standard - 38"-60"

Long - 47"-72"

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