Drywall Master BoneHead Angle Heads


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For a limited time, Save $$ on the following Angle Heads:

  • 3.0" without wheels
  • 3.0" with wheels
  • 3.5" with wheels.

*Until supplies last.

Drywall Master Bone Head Angle Heads are the perfect Corner Finishers. Bone Head Angle Heads exhibit extra thick, extremely durable, and beefy center clips. The frames are made of solid billet aluminum for increased longevity. We use military grade stainless steel for extra life and maximum corrosion resistance. 



  • Higher grade stainless steel
  • Thick, billet frames for increase longevity
  • Frames and body are CNC machined for precision tolerances
  • Quality Made in the USA (parts and assembly)
Purpose: The Angle Head/Corner Finisher is probably the most used Automatic Taping Tool on the market. Often, this is the first or second product that hand tapers will convert over to (Flat Finishers being the other). The results from these products are far superior to any results done only by hand. The purpose of the Angle Head is to provide a “Bed Coat” and “Finishing Coat” over both sides of the inside corners at the same time. Drywall Master encourages our customers to use the 2.5″ Angle Head/Corner Finisher for the initial (Flushing or Wiping) coat. For the second (Skimming or Finishing) coat, we encourage our customers to use the 3″ or 3.5″ Angle Head in conjunction with a Corner Applicator/Box. However, Drywall Master acknowledges that over the years many contractors in different areas have developed more than one variation of which size Angle Head to use for different coatings. We just happen to believe that our Perfectly CNC machined Angle Heads will work best for whatever those variations are.

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