DeWALT Skimming Blade Handle Adapter

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Skimming blade handle adapters are used to connect the skimming blade extendable handles to the skimming blade. DEWALT skimming blade handle adapters are constructed out of a highly resilient, glass-filled composite for long lasting durability. Each DEWALT skimming blade handle adapter is equipped with a quick-release design that allows for rapid changes between different handle lengths without compromising rigidity.

Designed for daily use on the jobsite, DEWALT skimming blades feature a precision blade constructed of european stainless-steel for superior strength and durability. Their patent-pending extruded aluminum blade-back provides unparalleled strength and rigidity without compromising the weight and dexterity of the tool. Unlike the competition, DEWALT skimming blades have integrated a rounded front edge that keeps their blade corners from dragging and gouging drywall compound when in use. Their high-impact, glass-filled composite end caps are easily removed for on-the-go blade replacement.

Designed and built for industry professionals, our skimming blades are Guaranteed Tough®. They are backed by one of the strongest warranties in the industry as well as DEWALT’s nationwide service network.


  • Used to attach one of three extendable handles to DEWALT skimming blades.

  • High strength glass-filled composite for increased durability.

  • Adjustment screw allows for any handle angle

  • Quick release tabs for rapid handle changes.


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