3WAY Simplified Drywall Corner Finishing

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If you tape by hand or use machines, you can apply tape quicker when you  don't have to be so precise in your 3 Way. This innovative design has an adjustable flap to allow for accurate angle variation. Piecework   journeymen will immediately recognize how quick and easy they are to   install and work with. 

The 3 way inside corner is the most time consuming part of drywall finishing. It takes the most skill and experience to not have any defects. 

With their innovative design anyone can put in a 3WAY and finish like a pro!

Install the 3WAY before taping or after.  Adjust and fit into the corner to cover any drywall or framing problems. Tapes need to go just over the beveled edge of the 3WAY or tape first and run them short of the corner. To finish just feather the edges. 3WAY Drywall Corner Finishing is more durable than paper tapes, no corner cracks, fast, easy, and perfect corners!



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