3M Drywall Foam Backed Cloth Abrasives, 150 Grit, 3 5/16in x 12yd

SKU: 10240NA

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  • Features an easy-to-tear backing
  • Offers minimal fraying with use
  • Enhanced durability and flexibility
  • Long-lasting minerals help ensure reliable performance

3M™ Drywall Foam Backed Cloth Abrasives are designed for added flexibility, contour conforming for rounded surfaces, and extra comfort when hand sanding. Made from long-lasting minerals and a strong backing, these abrasives offer minimal fraying in both wet and dry sanding applications. Reach for 3M™ Drywall Foam Backed Cloth Abrasives for your next job.

Durability is one of the hallmarks of 3M™ Drywall Foam Backed Cloth Abrasives. Designed for use on most drywall types or in repainting tasks, this must-have abrasive product is a tough and versatile option to consider for a wide variety of applications.


Suggested Applications

  • Designed for drywall and repainting needs
  • Has wet or dry sanding capabilities

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