Kraft Pipe Trowel with ProForm® Handle 10-1/2" x 3"


Sale price$39.50


  • Finish hard to get places in half the time, with half the effort
  • Versatile blade shape finishes to edges
  • Square front finishes to corners
  • Round back prevents gouging
  • Offset handle to fit between pipes around obstructions
  • Strong carbon steel blade
  • Cross ground blade for perfect feel
  • High-strength, lightweight aluminum mounting
  • Compression fit rivet construction for strength
  • Stainless steel rivets
  • Guaranteed "no-turn" handle
  • Comfortable patented ProForm® soft grip handle
  • Great grip even when wet
  • Texture ribbing provides a comfortable grasp and reduces fatigue
  • Bright orange handle easy to spot on jobsite
  • Made in the USA

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