Wera 851/1 RDC Ph 2 X 25 mm Bits For Drywall-Screws

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851/1 RDC bits, PH 2 x 25 mm

High quality bits for drywall screws. Reduced shaft diameter for low-lying screw connections. Countersinking of screws without any surface damage. Especially for drywall construction. The diamond coating of the bits ensures a secure fit in the screw, reduces the contact pressure required and lowers the risk of slipping. 1/4" hexagon, suitable for holders as per DIN ISO 1173-D 6.3.

  • For Phillips screws
  • With reduced shaft diameter
  • Particularly suitable for drywall screws
  • Diamond coating for a secure fit in the screw, literally bites into the screwhead to prevent cam-out
  • 1/4" hexagon drive (Wera connecting series 1)

Available individually or in packs of 10

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