DeWALT Stainless Steel Offset Knife with Soft Grip Handle

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Stainless Steel Stiff Offset Knife with Soft Grip Handle

  • 0.6mm STIFF Blade ›› With a 3.5” deep blade, this STIFF version is ideal for applying/smoothing joint compound on walls and ceilings, as well as for filling joints and outside corner beads. This sturdy blade also works great for scraping applications, such as removing popcorn ceilings. Features a square-edge stainless steel blade.
  • Handle offset slightly from the blade edge. This design enables you to lay the blade flatter against the wall for a smoother, tighter finish. Produce a top notch finish easier and more efficiently, while simultaneously reducing wrist and hand fatigue.
  • Ergonomic handle design that enables you mount the knife to a standard painter’s pole (using the included adapter with 180+ degrees of angle adjustment for perfect comfort).
  • Threaded, removable die-cast zinc hammer end can be used to reset drywall screws. Also protects from mud accumulation inside handle when angle adapter is not used.

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